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February 8, 2014


I came across this video a few days ago and really wanted it to share with you guys! I think it's really inspiring (as are all the other videos on that channel, make sure you check them out!) - and, well, it's not all about fashion, right? I enjoyed watching this video as it kind of kicked off an uplifting internal dialogue in a situation that had made me feel rather self conscious and insecure.

The other day as I was walking come I passed a memorial on the side of the road and immediately opened google to find out what had happened. Turns out, a young girl died on her way to school recently. I remember being on the bus to work that day, on that street, and thinking 'gosh, please get those police cars out of the way, I don't want to be late'. Now that I know what actually happened, I feel awful about my thoughts. We tend to get so upset over little things and not cherish life as much as we should.

Long story short, this video has helped a bit with taking a step back and reflecting on my attitude. Not that it changed my mindset completely over night, but it reminded me once again that a, sometimes it's a good idea to take a moment to yourself and reflect on what you've just done, said or thought and b, that being honest and speaking your mind is always the best thing to do and c, taking risks is a strength, not a weakness.

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this! The Video is BEAUTIFUL!! <3


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