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October 7, 2013

The Travel Edit: Venice

While I'm on holiday in Turkey, I'd like to tell you guys about the trip I took almost exactly one year ago. The boy and I went to Venice and it was really lovely!
Now, if you want to travel to Venice, there's a few things I would have found helpful knowing beforehand. Firstly, spending just a few days in the eternal city is absolutely enough. You can easily walk your way throughout the whole main island in one day (or less). Also, if you don't like being around big groups of people, this isn't for you. Venice is always full of uncountable masses of tourists. And if you hate walking, you're in for a bad time, too ;) BUT: Venice is absolutely beautiful and worth the trip!

Where to stay:
Hotels in Venice are mostly pricey. If you're not intending on really splurging on accomodation, you might be looking for a cozy little hotel that's not too luxurious. We made our find online and were honestly very relieved when it turned out to be just as nice in reality. We stayed at the Hotel Antico Doge which is very central and quite affordable. Don't expect a huge breakfast buffet, apparently Italians aren't big on that! (Also, don't expect to find your hotel all too quicky.. There are no cars allowed, so no cabs except ridiculously expensive water taxis and the streets have no names, everything is just numbered. And there are a gazillion tiny streets!)

Where to eat:
Ah, who doesn't love Italian cuisine?! Don't make that mistake and run into the first pizza/pasta/seafood place you see. Good restaurants aren't easy to find in Venice (admittedly, we had dinner at the Hard Rock Café one night because we were just tired of looking for a nice restaurant).
Al Nono Risorto (2337, Calle della Regina) Really nice garden and delicious Italian food! Don't leave without having tried their Tiramisu...

For going out:
I don't think you can really go out-out in Venice. But if you enjoy your glass of wine, definitely take a stroll around the Cannaregio district in the evening. There are many little bars where locals enjoy some tapas, antipasti and wine!
Hilton Molino Stucky The Hilton hotel is definitely one of the pricey places to stay, but they have an amazing rooftop bar that is free to everyone - comes with a great view!

A couple of do's & dont's:
Don't... expect to get a gondola ride for little money; wear high heels; expect to be doing loads of shopping (besides the ever so lovely Oysho and Sephora, I only saw the likes of Louis Vuitton and Chanel - no high street place!)
Do... take the boat out to Lido island, they have cars there and way less people (yes, that will get you excited!); allow yourself to get lost! You'll find beautiful sights along the way and you'll make your way back eventually.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I somehow had so much to say about Venice that I really wanted to share. Maybe this can be useful to someone out there ;)


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