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October 6, 2013

Playing Favourites

Turtleneck H&M / Jeans Topshop / Coat Minimum / Bag via Ebay (here) / Boots Akira

I'm wearing a bunch of favourites here. Those boots were basically the best money ever spent on shoes, I know they look a bit battered now, but I love them oh so much. As for the Joni jeans, I wear them far too often. They just have the perfect fit. I really need to get myself another pair, I mean how often do you find the perfect pair of pants? Then, of course, my fuzzy coat. I think you'll be seeing it a lot around here, it's so perfect to throw over any outfit.

Also sporting my new Céline inspired trapeze bag here. I've seen this one on the gorgeous Kavita so often and always had a bit of bag envy. Then finally I decided to click that baby home! I came to think that I bought relatively many things after other bloggers' recommendations (inlucing my beloved Joni jeans!). Just goes to show how nice the whole blogging thing is. I like to imagine it as one big virtual girly pyjama party where everyone babbles on and on about fashion and beauty. In fact, if there's ever such a party happening, count me in!

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  1. schöner post :)
    ich besitze auch verschiedene modelle der topshop joni jeans, jedoch finde ich, dass die schwarze am schlechtesten ist. bei meiner habe ich genau das gleiche problem, wie ich es auf deinen bildern sehen kann, dass sie total ausleiert.ich hasse das bei jeans und eigentlich sind die topshop jeans dafür bekannt, dass sie nicht so stark ausleiern. bei meiner hellblauen joni jeans ist das auch nicht der fall, aber aus welchen gründen auch immer, ist die qualität der schwarzen viel viel schlechter. also ich finde die schwarze ist ihr geld absolut nicht wert :/


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