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October 4, 2013

Looking Forward To

photos via tumblr

I'm leaving for a vacation tonight. Finally! It feels like I haven't been on a proper vacay for ages, you know the type where you lay by the pool or on the beach just doing nothing until you get to feel really stupid. I've kind of been collecting holiday-inspired photos, so here's a little collage of what I'm looking forward to. Ahh, I can't wait! The boy and I are boarding the plane tonight, tomorrow morning we'll enjoy breakfast with what I hope will be a lot of palm trees in sight.

I have prepared a bunch of blog posts to go up while I'm away, so keep coming back ;) Also, I don't think I can leave my phone alone for a week (addicted much), so feel free to stop by my Instagram (@cinjasblog)


  1. Preciosas fotos amor :;)
    Un besazo enorme

  2. How exciting!
    I'm a little jealous. Even though we're just heading in to spring and summer here, uni just has me so busy there's hardly any time to enjoy it :( Luckily i think i might be able to make it to the beach on Monday because its a public holiday! yay!

    Have a great time i'll be looking out for the holiday snaps on insty

    love outside is colours



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