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October 9, 2013

Cinja's Insta

Beautiful sunset seen from my window / Cocktails at a press event / Topshop finally made its way to Germany, had to check it out of course / Spent a few hours in Berlin for work
I am one happy girl in my fuzzy coat!

The amazing Tiramisu at Vapiano / Hotel elevator selfie / Work trip / Sushi for lunch, yummy!
Another beautiful sunset seen from my window

Fell a tiny bit in love with this fragrance, fingers crossed I can get my hands on it in duty free / Me just being goofy / What I wore to work / Little beauty haul: lipstick, nailpolish and highlighter
Love this ring my Mum gave me for my graduation (from Pandora)

Here's what I've been up to before my vacation, captured by my phone. I always enjoy this little peek into other bloggers' lifes through their Insta feed (we're all little stalkers, aren't we?). Hope you guys enjoy this type of post!
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