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September 8, 2013

The Travel Edit: Berlin

I've been thinking about creating a travel-themed category on the blog for a while now. I'd really like to share a few tips for city (and maybe other...) trips since I find these kind of posts ridiculously useful myself. I always search for those on blogs before going on a trip and the restaurant/cafe/bar recommendations usually do not disappoint. So, here we go - starting with the last city I've visited: Berlin!

Where to stay:
I'm usually lucky enough to be staying at a friend's place when visiting Berlin, so I can't actually give you any hotel recommendations. But, the last time we went to the capital, my girlfriends and I booked an apartment via Airbnb. It was the first time we tried this and it's actually quite the cool website with tons of amazing places all around the world (and cheaper than a hotel!). If you simply need a place to stay and keep all your stuff at, give it a try!

Where to eat:
I personally think Berlin is a great place for any sort of dinner and/or drinks situations. Here are my favourites:
Spreegold (Hufelandstraße 20) Nice pasta place! Try their Gnocchi Goat.
White Trash (Schönhauser Allee 6-7) American style burger place with a whole lot of rock'n'roll.
Wonderpots (Grunerstraße 20) Cute little froyo place with a coffee, tea and snack selection. Major interior inspiration!
Habana (Grünberger Str. 57) For you brunch lovers.

For going out:
Let me start by telling you that I'm not at all a party gal. My preferences for a Friday or Saturday night are pretty granny-ish (a movie and a glass of wine, please!). So here come the exceptions:
Mein Haus am See (Brunnenstraße 197-198) Not usually my kind of scene, but the best Mojitos I've ever had!
Tube Station (Friedrichstraße 180-184) I hate night clubs. This one I didn't hate (ask my friends, it means a lot!)

Those are my Berlin tips for you! A small, but sincere selection. Hope you enjoy and maybe you can put these to use someday. Kudos to my friend N. who recommended most of these places and shared her place with me on several occasions. On that note: If you can, try and get a local to give you some tips for a city trip. Worth gold!


  1. Who's that friggin hot brunett chick in the White Dress? HAHAHA <3


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