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August 6, 2013

On Armswag

Armswag. The armparty. Stacking bracelets. A trend that has been around for a few summers now and as you can see, I have collected my own fair share of bracelets. But I have to confess, I barely ever wear them. Let alone all together (I went a little crazy for these photos). While I think a stack of colourful friendship bracelets, shiny, spiked and whatnot bracelets can look really cool, a full-on armparty is just to much fuss for me on a regular day.

The combo of bright colours, a little bit of gold, some glitter and a bit of silver looks great for summer, especially on tanned skin. But here's what bothers me: the sound all those bracelets make when I move my arm(s), the feeling of something constantly clutching my wrist(s). Wearing a ring on every single finger is not a problem, but my wrist is mostly only ever covered by my watch. Maybe sporting an armparty is something I'd only do on rare occasions, a holiday for instance. You have to admit, this trend works better with a beach as the backdrop!
So, what do you think about armswag? Do or don't?

I'm wearing:
a. c/o Persunmall b. Asos c+k. bought in Venice beach d+g+i. Fashionology e. Forever21 f. bought in Turkey h. DIY by a friend j. Accessorize l. c/o Persunmall


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  1. Ich finde diese bunten Farben machen total Lust auf gutes Wetter und einen Spaziergang durch die Wiesen. Gute Laune am Arm eben :) Wenn ich Armbänder tragen würde, dann würde ich es genauso machen ♥


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