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August 9, 2013

Cinja's Insta

1. My guilty pleasure when it comes to ice cream: Magnum Classic! 2. My lovely hometown on a nice summer evening
3. Sunset 4. A cute lily growing on our balcony

1. An outfit from my perspective (full look here) 2. Ordered Pizza for the first time ever in my life (I know, I'm a baby)
3. New band rings from H&M 4. Beach waves

1. A little bit of wisdom from me to you ;) 2. Another look from my perspective: H&M sandals, Zara boyfriend jeans, Monki top 3. A little #throwbackthursday - me on my first day of school, no less than 16 years ago (wowzers!) 4. A little bit of motivation to get out of bed in the morning

1. Summer snack #1: watermelon! 2. Spent a very relaxing day on the beach with my family (wearing H&M dress and sunnies) 3. I read so much on the beach (and got terribly sunburnt while reading, ouch!) - finished 'Brooklyn Girls' by Gemma Burgess in less than a week 4. Summer snack #2: froyo!

Some snapshots from the last couple of weeks. Follow me on Instagram (@cinjasblog) for more daily peeks into my life!


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