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August 3, 2013

Beauty Favourites: Summer Essentials

When temperatures start rising (or, suddenly reach a peak), we tend to change the insides of our makeup bags to a more heat friendly selection. Although I don't have a beachy getaway scheduled (yet), I'd like to share with you my favourites in the beauty department for the warmer days. I had hoped to be able to share a nice tanning product with you by now, but somehow I always pick the wrong products (or I'm just really bad at applying the stuff). Anyhow, let's focus on face and nails for now.

1. Bronzer
I've spent the most part of the sunny days inside studying and/or working thus far, so my skin is still super pale. A little bit of bronzer does the trick, though. I prefer a subtle bronze, especially on my face. So I use a matte, light product. This one is from The Body Shop.

2. Ditching foundation
When it gets really warm, I like to ditch foundation, so I don't feel like my face is melting. My skin, however, is not that perfect, so I still use some product to create the illusion of an even complexion. This is where a BB cream comes in handy! I had no idea what to think of BB cream in general, so I went for a drugstore brand. It's actually really good and I use it on a daily basis now. I use the 'BB Allround Foundation' from Catrice Cosmetics. Oh, it also comes with an SPF of no less than thirty. Super important!

3. Colourful nails
I know I did a post on my favourite nail polishes before, but I've added a couple new shades to my collection lately. There's no point in trying to hide my obsession for Essie products. So these are my favourite shades for summer: A light pastely blue ('lapiz of luxury'), a fresh green ('the more the merrier') and a bright pink ('watermelon').

4. Some colour on the lips
Bright orange and red lipsticks are perfect for summer, and not just for evenings. As I like to keep it easy with my eye makeup when it's warm outside, when I want to spice things up, I add a little bit of lipstick. One of my favourites is 'Vegas Volt' by Mac.


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  1. I love essie nail polish :-)

    Great colors!

    Have a lovely day


    Piera Anastasia


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