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July 31, 2013

The Kitten Question

Kitten Heels. Last year, Mr. Wang, Valentino (and Zara on the high street) came up with all kinds of kitten heeled shoes. Personally, I wasn't too fussed by the whole trend. All I could think was, "Kitten Heels? Really?", convinced that those very-low-but-still-there heels were pretty much a no-brainer on anyone's list of fashion no-gos.
And yet, I stand corrected. Seeing pretty much all my favourite bloggers sport the Kitten Heel throughout the last year, I got more and more accustomed to the look. And it's actually kind of a smart trend, if you think about it: They add a feminine touch to a look without making you go through a lot of pain throughout the day.

So there you have it - my little essay of justification for getting these babies. Being the high street girl that I am, I picked them up in the Zara sale. After looking at them in the online store for about a dozen times, I might add. A voice in my head kept reciting that saying, you know, "Life's too short - buy the shoes". And this is how I caved (oh, the sale tag did help with that, too!). I can't wait to show you a bunch of looks with these shoes soon!


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