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July 9, 2013

Ocean Obsession

photos: tumblr

I am not entirely sure what it is with me and my obsession for photos of oceans. Lately, I love scrolling through blogs that have loads and loads of photos of oceans with sandy beaches, oceans with cliffs next to them or light blue swimming pools. I remember when I was little, when the family was flicking through travel catalogues to find a possible place to stay, I used to always immediately cast my vote for the places with the biggest, bluest pools.

Here's a sample of my growing collection of ocean/water themed photos. I just wish I could dive right into each and every one of them! So you can guess what my screensaver is at the moment...


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  1. Ich wohne an der Küste in Kiel und bin auch hier aufgewachsen ... für mich bedeutet das Meer und der Strand = Heimat. Egal, an welchem Ort am Meer auf der Erde ich gerade bin, ich fühle mich gleich zu Hause und frei. Wellen beobachten, das Meeresrauschen hören und bis zum Horizont blicken ... es gibt nichts Schöneres. :-)

    LG, Sabrina


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