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June 19, 2013

Beauty Favourites / #6

Ciaté 'power dressing 063' / IsaDora sugar crush '#128 Ocean Crush' / Debby white nail polish / IsaDora sugar crush '#124 Coral Crush' / IsaDora '#130 Pool Crush'

Let's talk about favourite shades of nail polish for SS 2013! I usually gravitate towards the brighter red and orange-y shades as soon as temperatures start rising. However, this year, my top five are mostly dominated by shades of blue. Maybe it's because my longing for a seaside vacation... And of course: The white nails trend! As I'm sure regular readers will have noticed by now, I'm quite the sucker for Essie nail polishes. But let me tell you this: My local drugstore does not sell Essie. Shock Horror! So, desperately wanting to give the white nails thing a try, I went for this random drugstore brand. I hope I can get a hold of a nice marshmallow-y shade from my trusted brand asap!

Shop my favourite nail polish picks for this season below:


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