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May 31, 2013


Top Zara / Leather Jacket H&M Trend / Skort Zara / Shoes Nike

How cute is that fox print top? When I remembered it yesterday I went on a crazy quest through my wardrobe. Which ended with almost all of my clothes littered across my bed and me -of course- not finding the top. So I had to throw on another top and hurry to uni. When I came home, though, I miraculously managed to find that foxy cuteness. Et voilà!


May 30, 2013

Zip Me Up

Jumper Primark (men's) / Pants Gina Tricot / Pistol Boots Akira / Clutch American Apparel

I've been meaning to show you guys these pants for ages (well, since I bought them in Copenhagen). They're one of those few items you see online and plan on buying and then actually see in the store. Still, I don't wear them often enough. That might change now!


May 28, 2013

Wrapped Around

Leather Jacket H&M Trend / Top H&M (men's) / Shirt Primark (men's) / Jeans Zara (customized) / Boots Zalando Collection

Looks like I'm wearing a bunch of pieces from the men's section in this look! Like I mentioned before, strolling through the men's section can be a good idea at times. Especially if you're looking for a relaxed fit and simple basics.


May 27, 2013


1. H&M espadrilles (secretely lusting after these) / 2. Benefit High Beam highlighter (here) / 3. Zara Sandals (cool ones here) / 4. Essie nailpolish in 'Fiji' (here)

"Not another wishlist post", I hear you say. However, there comes a time in the year where you find yourself eager to make wishlists. I'm not talking about Christmas here - my birthday is coming up! In fact, I'll be 22 in a week. Time flies! As I'm also on some sort of a forced shopping ban, surfing the web and making collages of my 'most wanted' is the closest to a shopping spree I'll be getting these days. Plus, who doesn't love a little scrapbooking session with all of our dear friend Photoshop?!


May 25, 2013

Shout it from the Rooftops

Jeans Cubus / Blazer H&M / Top Topshop / Shoes, Bag Zara

It was super stormy when we shot those photos, so please excuse my wild hair. I am also not pregnant in the second photo, the wind just inflated my top. I can't believe it's almost June and still so cold and stormy. My birthday is in June and I used to think I was a 'summer baby', but maybe I got that one wrong.


May 24, 2013

Sponsored Video: The House of Häagen-Dazs

Der Sommer rückt näher und mit ihm leckere Sommer-Snacks. Obwohl ja eigentlich eher der Winter als Genießerzeit bekannt ist, können wir uns auch im Sommer – abseits von Obstsalat und Co. - ein paar süße Leckereien gönnen. Ja, richtig, es geht um Eiscreme. Viele essen Eis ja das ganze Jahr über. Ich muss allerdings zugeben, dass ich für ein kaltes Dessert im Winter viel zu viel friere. Darum freue ich mich an den wärmeren Tagen des Jahres umso mehr darauf, hin und wieder eine Kugel Eis zu schlemmen. Ein Fan von fruchtigen Eissorten war ich, ehrlich gesagt, aber noch nie. Bei mir gilt: Je cremiger, desto besser. Und tatsächlich gibt die Statistik mir Recht – der beliebteste Eisgeschmack ist Vanille! Mein absoluter Favorit ist allerdings Cookies & Cream.

Mit der Wahl der Sorte ist es aber längst nicht getan. Das ist vielleicht wie mit dem Kaffee. Eis ist nicht gleich Eis... Ich kann mich noch zu gut an meinen letzten Italienurlaub erinnern, oder genauer, an den Geschmack der leckersten Eiskugel, die ich je gegessen habe! Weil Italien aber nicht um die Ecke liegt, muss ich zu Hause auf andere Möglichkeiten zurückgreifen. Da greife ich dann gerne mal zur „Premium-Variante“ anstatt zum Eismann um die Ecke zu laufen. Hier kommt Häagen-Dasz ins Spiel. Das Eis von Häagen-Dasz kommt meinem italienischen Geschmackserlebnis verdächtig nahe! Und meine Lieblingssorte Cookies & Cream ist auch noch vertreten...

Der neueste Clou von Häagen-Dasz: Neben der leckeren Eiscreme gibt’s für uns Frauen jetzt auch noch 'was für die Augen. Im neuen Spot der Marke spielt nämlich kein geringerer als Bradley Cooper. Der beweist: Eis kann ganz schön verführerisch sein! Schaut euch den Clip an ;)

Dieser Artikel wurde gesponsert von Häagen-Dazs.

May 21, 2013

Aztec Again

Skirt, Shoes H&M / T-Shirt Cheap Monday / Jacket Bershka

As far as I'm concerned, the aztec print is back. It's such a fun, festival-ready print! And yes, you see me wearing tights. The sun is still playing hard to get! But for once, I'm actually fairly busy during a bad-weather period. I'm on vacation from uni this week, but I have some meetings and work lined up. Also, technically, I have to start studying. We'll see how that goes! Hope you guys have a great and productive week.

May 20, 2013

Inspiration / #1

photos: tumblr, jazzabelle's diary, wishwishwish, angelica blick, the blonde salad

Let's start this week off with some inspiration! I'm still pretty much obsessed with Tumblr and I'm quite sure I keep posting over there almost every day. So if you're in need of inspiration or just need a pleasant pass-time, pop over to my Tumblr blog. Hope you're all having a great day!

May 17, 2013

White Nails

The whole white nailpolish trend wasn't really my cup of tea at the beginning. Somehow, however, as trends do, it sneaked its way into my mind and so I gave it a try. I really like how it looks against my pale skin (making it look a little less pale). How do you like it?

May 16, 2013

New In / Summer Ready

Bikini H&M (get similar)

I think right now it's safe to say that I own just about everything that comes in a Union Jack print! This bikini is the latest addition to my collection. Now I'm ready for summer. Or, my wardrobe is. A couple of workouts wouldn't do any harm at this point, I guess... ;)

May 15, 2013

Never Been the Minimalist Type

Leggings Gina Tricot / Shirt, Coat H&M / Pistol Boots Akira

While I really like that Scandinavian minimalist style on other people, it's never really been my thing. When I see a pair of pants in a quirky print, I have to have them. I like patterns, details, accessories and I think the way I dress can best be described as eclectic. And it's pretty far from minimalist! So I was obviously quite happy when my mum came home with these palm tree print leggings last week. What do you think about them?

On another note, this is my 1,000th post on here. Crazy!

May 14, 2013

Oldies, But Goodies

Jumper, Jeans Topshop / Jacket Bershka / Sandals DinSko / Bag Urban Outfitters

I've recently re-discovered these sandals in the back of my closet. Actually, I had one of those moments where I suddenly remembered that pair of shoes I'd bought some years ago and then dug into the depths of my closet to find them. I can't believe I've neglected these for so long, as I think they look really cool (the photos don't really do them justice). Also, they walk like a dream! As I'm currently on a shopping ban, discovering old treasures in my own closet is perfect.

May 13, 2013

Beauty Favourites / #5

1. Hand sanitizer, Victoria's Secret (get similar) / 2. Hand cream, Le Couvent Des Minimes (get similar) / 3. Lip balm, Carmex (here) / 4. Pocket knife, Victorinox (get similar)

Today I'm showing you my everyday must-haves in the beauty department. I carry those around in my purse with me all day, every day and next to my phone, keys and wallet, these are the things I barely leave the house without.

First of, I like having hand sanitizer with me. I'm one of those people that have to sanitize their hands after using public transport. My boyfriend thinks that makes me weird, but, frankly, I just can't help it. And then, of course, there is hand cream. I happen to have loads of different tubes lying around at home. I hope I can use them up someday!
Also, I am a lip balm addict. Not having my lip balm with me makes me nervous, I confess. But, honestly, who doesn't hate dry lips?

Last but not least: my trusty pocket knife. This might seem an odd choice for a beauty must-have (and it's definitely not airplane friendly), but it's actually a really handy little thing. The knife is in fact really tiny, and besides a knife, it also contains scissors, a nail file and a toothpick. Plus, it looks quite cute! Having this in my handbag is so handy when I need to cut a patch or a loose thread and, yes, also when I break a fingernail.

So these are my little life savers for when I'm out and about, at uni or at work. You can read more Beauty Favourites posts here. Do you have any secret weapons in your beauty bags?

May 10, 2013


Maxi Dress H&M

Last weekend, it was finally warm enough to take my new maxi dress for a stroll. I just love how airy it is! With the side slit, it's totally inappropriate for everyday life aka. work and/or uni, but it is perfect for a day off when all I want to do is throw on a dress and be good to go. What do you think about the slit? Yay or Nay?

May 9, 2013


Top Gina Tricot / Jeans DIY / Sandals, Bag Zara

Happy Father's Day! Today is actually also a public holiday (we're spoilt with those this month), so I have the day off. The weatherman tells me it will rain today, so I might as well indulge in yet another marathon of The Office. I can't believe I've only just started watching this series. I don't think any show has ever been better at taking my mind off things and just making me laugh. What more could you ask for?

May 8, 2013


I thought I'd show you some photos that aren't fashion related for a change. I took these photos during our cruise trip last month. They were taken while cruising on the North and Baltic Sea as well as on the island of Sylt (teeny tiny pawsh German island). Although the weather wasn't always picture-perfect, I tried my best to capture some photogenic moments. I hope you like the pictures!