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January 18, 2013

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag - the typical fashion blogger post. I think I've done one before, but that must have been ages ago. So here we go...

2013 Agenda: Although I don't have 20 different meetings and appointments a week, I can't live without my agenda. I'm quite organized and I need to always be able to write down appointments and to-do lists - on paper, that is. My agenda is from Paperblanks, if you're wondering.
iPod: I know, I know, you can use the iPhone to play music, but I love my green little fella and I'm simply too lazy to transfer my whole music library to my phone.
Keys: I don't think this needs any explanation (my keyholder is from Swarovski).
Blistex Lip Relief Cream: I die if I can't moisturize my lips every 30 minutes. I never forget this one at home - and if I do, I freak!
My phone: My iPhone, currently wearing its bunny cover (which I keep getting weird looks for). This is possibly the most important thing in my bag. I can't live without texting, checking Twitter and Instagram...
Hand cream and sanitizer: I always feel a very strong need to sanitize my hands after using public transport. I use the Anti-Bacterial Sanitizing Hand Gel from Victoria's Secret and the Candied Ginger Hand Cream from The Body Shop to keep my hands moisturized.

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  1. Hach, noch eine Handdesinfektionsmittels├╝chtige :)


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