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December 23, 2012

Blogger Inspo | WishWishWish

all photos via wishwishwish

The 'Blogger Inspo' section is now officially filled with all my favourite bloggers out there and I'm very hapy to close it off with one of my dearest reads, a blog I've been following for years now. Not only is Carrie one of those British gals whose blogs are just ridiculously pretty, but she's also amazingly photogenic and beautiful. Plus, with her name I guess she was more or less born to work in fashion! Her blog is one of those that I actually try not to read when I'm on the go (or bored in uni, oops), but rather save for quiet minutes at home with a cup of tea. Carrie is no doubt a blogger I'd be delighted to meet in real life. She just seems to always have that lovely glow about her!


  1. I agree, her blog is beautiful, and her photographs are absolutely stunning!

  2. It's always lovely to find a new blog from a blog that you already love (yours!). Thank-you for sharing this.



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