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October 28, 2012

Blogger Inspo | Llymlrs

I'm off to meet with my study group on this Sunday morning, after that work is awaiting me. Not your typical Sunday, eh? You guys can sit back and relax and click through some photos, though (don't we all love doing this on a Sunday? or any day, really...), because it's Blogger Inspo time!
I'm introducing a dear lady from the UK to you today. Lily has been active in the blogger scene for quite a while now and I've been following her for well over a year now. The reason I love her blog is mainly because it's quite different from others. She mostly takes her photos with a tripod, in front of a white wall. Now, don't be fooled - her photos really are flawless! I think that makes her independent and in some sense unique. Needless to say I also love her style, it's just got that London-something. So go check out her blog now!

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  1. Love her style !! Nice sellection of pictures :)


  2. I want that leather skirt!


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