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October 16, 2012

A week in the Life of | #30

Beautiful Venice / My boyfriend (and me) getting fashionably lost in Venice, apparently that's what you are supposed to do there / We took a ride on a gondola (le sigh, I miss the vacay times already!) / This is how amazing fall can look

My folks practically forced me to make them cookies, so I taught my sister and the boy how to (this is him trying to create a perfectly shaped cookie) / A cute little detail of a gondola / Venice isn't really the place for (high-street!) shopping, but I bought these cute pyjama pants from Oysho / Fall allows me to spend my nights at home with lots of candles lit - I do love it cozy!

Me on a bridge in Venice / The other part of my Venice shopping: Vogue Italy (which is waaayy too text heavy for someone who just wants to look at the photos and doesn't speak a word of Italian!), eyebrow pencil and concealer from Kiko / Armswag / Me on Lido beach

How unreal it seems that I was on a vacation just a week ago! I'm fully back in work/uni mode over here and would jump at the chance of a sweet little getaway with the boy anytime! But there's a lot to do at work right now, and uni officially starts again for me today. I really like my schedule for once - I get both mondays and fridays off. Score! I have a good feeling regarding this semester, feels like I'll be productive. Then again, that's what every student says at the start of a semester. Oh, well...
I've also made a couple changes to the blog here, layout-wise. I hope you guys like it and had a great week!

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