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October 2, 2012

A Week in the Life of | #28

I cooked! Think this looks good (considering I made it) haha / I've been really into watching old SATC episodes lately - can you blame me? / An outtake from shooting, me thinking 'WTF?!' (see the outfit here) / A beautiful red leaf

I made cookies! Judging by how fast they were gone, they were delicious / My brother came home from his class trip to France and brought home some mags for his big sis / An outfit: DIY studded jacket and H&M Trend faux fur vest / Aaand food again: I made Pizza! Yummy!

Full moon... / Bought a new nailpolish (Essie 'Licorice'), my first full-sized black nailpolish actually (I was always scared it'd look sort of Emo-ish on me, but now I love it) / Love that quote I came across / An outfit, wearing Forever21 top

Late post today, been up studying till the AM's last night... For more, just follow me on Instagram @cinjasblog


  1. Lovely photos! That Essie nail polish looks fab. Cute quote too! x


  2. oooh ich liebe SatC :)
    der lack von essie sieht super aus:)



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