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September 26, 2012

Outfit | Rule Britannia

I was wearing: Jumper Sheinside/ Faux Leather Pants New Yorker/ Beanie Primark/ Boots Monki/ Rings H&M, Pandora

I finally get to wear my huge snuggly Union Jack jumper. Safe to say I'm in love!
I'm writing a statistics exam today, so keep your fingers crossed! It's basically just applied maths, so.. hum... I don't know how two years ago, I made the decision to just study something so maths-related when maths was definitely on my 'most hated subjects' list. Out of pure necessity I came to terms with the numbers, but it's still a fight sometimes. Maths is great when you get it, but when you don't, it's just a big pile of frustration. I guess somehow I wanted to challenge myself - we'll see where today's exam gets me.

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