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September 19, 2012

Brand to watch: Base Range

Organic materials and style don't seem to be a match made in heaven – at least that's what I thought when the whole organic trend first popped up. But some brands have succeeded in proving me wrong, one of them being Base Range. The Danish brand offers fashion in a typically Scandinavian kind of style – very simple and minimalistic, yet stylish. Whilst I myself can never completely stay away from colours, prints and patterns, I appreciate a simple piece every once in a while to calm the whole look down, make it more elegant.

Base Range offers just the pieces that shouldn't be missing in anyone's wardrobe. With the colours ranging from a classic off-white to black, the low-key designs prove that whoever wears them does so in style.Whether it's a coat (I'm in love with their white jacket Kobe!) or a pair of shorts, comfort is also an important attribute of the brand's designs. If nothing else, the softness of the clothes is due to the organic material