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August 20, 2012

Outfit | Back Alley

I was wearing: dress zara/ boots akira

Let me introduce you to yet another of my new favourite summer dresses. This one was actually picked out by my mum, I would have never laid eyes on it myself. When she handed it to me and just said "that one would be great on you", I though "eerrmm...not my thing!". After doubting and doubting in front of the mirror I decided to just go with it and take it home with me. And, boy, was it a good decision! I haven't seen this dress on anyone else yet, my mum really has an eye for these things. What do you think about the dress?


  1. love this outfit, especially the boots!

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  2. Beautiful dress. Your mom really had an eye for fashion. It looks great on you.

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  4. Love your dress!



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