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July 26, 2012

Summer List

Today I'm finally taking my last exam for now (the next couple ones are coming up in September, but that feels veeeeery far away right now). So I know that everyone has probably already been on a vacation or had that relaxing free-time. Well, mine starts now. I'm not planning on going away, but whilst studying, I made up lists of lovely things to do during the summer.
And here's my little list (or rather, a part of it). Hope you enjoy reading!

Quality time for two
I hear a lot of couples have regular date nights, e.g. dinner or a movie. I'd like to try that, plus I have a list of films I'd really like to watch. '500 Days of Summer', 'The Notebook'... Feel free to share your suggestions!

Work on the blog
Expect loads of outfits, photos, content!

Read books
I have this pile of books sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read. Also, I have a little wishlist in mind - mostly coffee table books, i.e. that Starbucks book and the Olsen Twins' 'Influence'. Again: suggestions are welcome!

I had to neglect my regular runs for studying, so I'm looking forward to getting back into the routine!

Yes, this is my super messy closet you're looking at. I seriously need to declutter, not only in terms of clothes. I'd like to decorate my room a bit and also, I need to make space for new clothes. I've got some shopping sprees planned...


  1. work out is on my list too!
    great,time to organize!


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