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July 24, 2012

Diary | #18

Mirror-outfit no.1 - wearing Zara navajo trousers and Gina Tricot jumper. Changed my nailpolish again, this time I went for dark red. Treating myself to a nice tea, two cups a day has become my usual. And I'm reading books about tea, too... No, not really (still the Stephen Clarke novel). Mirror-outfit no.2 - wearing H&M top. I got really frustrated while studying - did I study too hard or not enough? Will find out later today... :S

Outfit details (full look seen here). Mirror-outfit no.3 - wearing H&M shorts and tee. Shot the outfit, too. It will be up here soon! I ate my body weight in cherries, they were too good. Tried to create a messy bun with a hair donut. My best friend stopped by with my favourite hot beverage and distracted me from study frustrations. Isn't she the best?

I hope you like this little compilation of photos from my past week. I'll soon be off to uni for my calculus exam. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?!
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  1. Nice pics :)


  2. I want Starbucks in Italy :(
    I'm following u on Instagram!

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