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July 10, 2012

Diary 16/2012

The view from my window during a nice and warm summer evening. An outfit from my perspectice, it was so nice to be able to wear shorts. I was in a hurry looking for a top to wear, ended up in a messy pile of clothes all over the floor. Went into our storage room and found those nice sandals I had almost forgotten about. Studying maths, that stuff makes me desperate. Mirror-outfit.

My pink calculator keeps me company while I study. Tried ombre pink nails. Went out for cocktails with the girls. My make-up of the night (one eye with, one without). The most amazing frozen yogurt place opened near my place, already went twice in one weekend. Listening to the soundtrack to 'The Social Network' has been keeping me calm and (more or less) focused while studying.

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