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June 14, 2012

Inspiration/Closet Organization

sources: passions for fashion, angelica blick, shopping is my cardio, purse n boots, elin kling, apartmenttherapy, cottds

I don't know about you, but I find it very difficult to find a 'permanent solution' for my closet. It's safe to say I have the biggest closet and own the most clothes out of all of my girlfriends (duh!), yet still I'm a loser when it comes to organizing all the stuff.

Unfortunately, I don't have the possibility to create my own walk-in closet, and my closet is an open one (I'd rather not share any photos!). The closet does feature a rack, but it's so full I can barely see all the pieces. It happens more and more often that I dig into my closet like a pig on the hunt for truffels and stumble upon pieces I had completely forgotten about. That might me due to my shopping behaviour - but it might also be because of the way I organize my clothes. So I took the time to look for inspiration around the net. If you have any tips, photos or favourite websites - feel free to share!

I'll certainly post about it if I ever find a solution to my little wardrobe crisis...

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