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June 4, 2012


I thought I'd share some impressions from our little trip to Berlin with you guys. We stayed with my friend N. and it was sooo good having someone who lives there introduce us to all the nice places! We had great food, sat in nice caf├ęs and had a really good time at a club Thursday night. My girl also had her camera (which is way better than mine!) with her whilst we were out and about exploring the city. I love the photos she took of me and the boy! She also took the photos from today's outfit which I posted earlier. Kudos to her!

I'm gonna do some more studying now, and then probably go for a quick run. I went to see a movie earlier, it was a press screening. I'm going for another tonight with my dad. When you review movies, you have to go to the cinema several times a day sometimes, but I actually think it's fun. I love going to the movies!

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