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June 5, 2012

Berlin shopping

Time to show you what I shopped in Berlin! They have a whole bunch of nice stores over there that we don't. Perfect opportunity for me, nervewracking times for my boyfriend and my friend (sorry, guys!).

Here's what I got:
Neon pink lace bra - Gina Tricot; sleeveless dip-dye denim shirt - Gina Tricot; armour top - Gina Tricot; shredded cut-off shorts - Gina Tricot; blouse with studded collar - Cotton On; sandals with neon yellow studs - Bershka; palmtree print tee - Gina Tricot; cream leather jacket - Bershka; nailpolish - Essie

I know it's a little bit of a splurge... but a voice in my head kept saying to give myself a treat since my bday was coming up ;) The weather sucks right now, so I can't wear all the nice things, but I hope it gets better soon!


  1. das jeanshemd ist ein trauuuuuuuum *.* wenn ich am wochenende in die düsseldorfer heimat fahr, muss ich offensichtlich einen abstecher zu gina tricot machen :)

  2. lovely purchases dear!
    so many beautiful things.
    great tops :)

  3. Nice buys! Love that leather jacket :)


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