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March 6, 2012


coat, bag, collar zara / jumper h&m men / pants, hair ring h&m / shoes tamaris

We had to shoot in the garage again... I'm actually planning to get a new camera, I'm thinking the Canon EOS 600D? Heard it's pretty good. That'll have to wait until the next payday, though.
Changing the subject: This outfit includes a lot of premieres. Wearing my amazing collar for the first time, as well as my new shoes (detail photos to come soon!) and that gorgeous hair ring. I wanted that one so badly, but I'd already given up hope since it was sold out everywhere. I even considered buying it off ebay for a ridiculous amount of €€. But then, I went shopping in a somewhat unpopular mall and, just my luck, they had plenty of those rings left. Score!


  1. I love that haircuff!
    xo Paula - www.paschionforfashion.blogspot.com

  2. Great outfit, love your coat!

    xo Jony
    SHOUT-OUT to you

  3. following your blog and your facebook page. my facebook is same name as my blog
    awesome blog!


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