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February 18, 2012

Move into my wardrobe

skirts Zara, pants Mango, pink workout tops H&M, nail polish essie

OMG, I just love those skirts from Zara's spring collection. They're perfect! The question is whether they'd look good on me, too. I'll definitely try them on. Those Mango pants would just be another edition to my fancy pants craze. And pink workout clothes? Yes, please!
Plus, these pastel colours will be perfect for spring nails.

On another note (aah how I love saying that haha), I am leaving for a little trip over the weekend. As you read this, I am probably in a car full of tired but happy girls and one annoyed boy (mine) on our way to the autobahn to drive all the way down east to where our dear friend K moved for her studies. It's going to be an awesome weekend! So I guess I'll be back with some fun photos. Also, I did some shopping to make up for all the studying. Will show you my new possessions soon.
Enjoy your weekend :)


  1. love those essie nail polishes! all the colours always look right like on the bottle. Have you considered turning off the wordverification? It's so tricky to understand the words!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  2. was looking for a yummy cocktail and somehow ended up here :)
    i'll be beach again!!!
    loving your picks btw....


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