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February 3, 2012

Beauty tips

I've got a whole day of massive studying ahead of me. Exams start monday, and, let's just say - there's a lot of info I'd still like to stuff into my brain until then. Somehow. So I'll leave you with a little beauty tip for today.

I acutally got the 'Blush by Marc Jacobs' perfume as a cute little tester and it smells pretty good. At first I thought it smelled like a clean hotel room, but as it develops it's a nice mix of fresh and sweet. It's a very subtle perfume, not too attention-drawing, really nice.

The Smashbox high definition foundation, powder and concealer are perfect! I got the lightest colour and it still is a little too dark for my skin, but that doesn't show as much since this make-up provides perfect coverage. Love it!


  1. Oh I have blush too, it's so great!! X

    1. I have smash box foundation,concealer and powder also. I regularly apply it for my skin. It looks very natural an very ravishing.


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