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January 20, 2012

Diary 01/2012

Here's what you're looking at:

1. We're having a non-white winter here, but last Friday there was a little snowstorm.
Lucky me - I was at home and thus able to capture the moment
2. Exams are coming up and time is passing too fast once again. I hate studying,
but what has to be done... Somehow using a pink highlighter motivates me. And also, I like to watch
movies while studying. I know, not advisable, but I can't study in complete silence - it actually makes me nervous.
3. My skin got so bad lately, so I needed a facial. Done!
4. And last but not least: did some good sale shopping. You have seen most of
the items in outfit posts already (or will see them soon, anyways).

I know, my life is that exciting at the moment.


  1. hehe great pics!
    Maybe you can answer some questions on my blog? Only if you want!:):)

  2. Haha i know what you mean about the pink highlighter! Silence while studying/exams makes me anxious D; xx


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