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December 29, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note Street Squad

I'm sure you've all heard about the Samsung Galaxy Note pad by now. I actually think it's quite a chic, sophisticated little gadget. Note the stress on 'little', ladies! What I like about this tab is that it definitely fits in every handbag. And yet, it's not as small as a phone, so it's still super easy to use.

The video you can watch below introduces all the different functions of the Samung Galaxy Note, presented by the lovely Katy (you just have to love her british accent!). They picked a zoo for the scenery and I think that's very nice, because it's somewhat unexpected. With all these commercials around, presenting gadgets in an uberurban atmosphere, a simple thing such as going to the zoo seems very refreshing to me. I'm actually surprised by how many functions that little tab has. I wouldn't mind carrying one of those around with me myself...

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  1. this is a good smart phone. But has a drawback. Max no of people you can send sms to is restricted to 10 only


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