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December 20, 2011

Boring holidays?

I know that there's a lot of people out there who resent Christmas a little for being such a quiet time where you don't have anything to do. Shops are closed, there's nothing good on tv, all your friends stay with their families... OR you stay with your loved ones, too, but there's only so much you guys could talk about over dinner.
In my family, it's almost a tradition to watch loads of movies on Christmas, especially on Boxing Day and such. So, here's my little top 6 (intended to make that 5, but I couldn't resist) list of movies to watch if you want to get all cozy on the couch on Christmas (they're not all necessarily Christmas movies):

1. Love Actually

Need I say anything? It's the perfect movie for Christmas and I never get bored of it although I've been watching it every year now ever since it came out on DVD (and that's 2003!). Plus, it features many great actors and ~sigh London!

2. Bridget Jones's Diary

I just love Bridget Jones, both movies actually! It's just one of the funniest and loveliest romantic comedies ever. I think Renée Zellweger is doing an amazing job here, never watched any other movie that starred her that I liked so much. And Colin Firth + Hugh Grant = English handsomeness, a no-brainer! (ok, the handsomeness might be more for my mum, but the english part, I'll totally go with)

3. Love and other Disasters

I believe this is Brittany Murphy's best role. It's such a sweet story and again a romantic comedy. Also, it has very many inspiring moments, fashion-wise. So, lovelies, go and watch it! It's basically about a young woman who works for a big fashion magazine in London, living with her gay best friend. Then she meets a really cute guy who she believes is gay, too. But, of course, he isn't and there's another love story coming your way.

4. The Last Kiss

I really wonder why this movie isn't that popular. It's really romantic and has many sad, but also some funny moments. It starrs Zach Braff and Rachel Bilson and is about a young man who is about to become a father, happily in love with his girlfriend. Suddenly he gets scared of being trapped in that life forever and cheats on his girlfriend with a young girl, which, ultimately causes big drama in his life.

5. Keinohrhasen (Rabbit Without Eears)

Let me tell you first that I absolutely hate Til Schweiger (the male actor in the pictures), he's just about the least appealing person the German industry has to offer, in my opinion. But my boyfriend and I fell in love with this cute movie when we watched it on our anniversary some years ago. So, since then, it's kind of become our thing to watch it again from time to time, since it's linked to memories and so... But it's a really nice movie in general. The actors are doing a great job and the music is pretty well-picked. It's been a blockbuster here in Germany, so if you want to watch a German movie, try this one. They sell it internationally as amazon tells me. I believe it's been synchronized, too. There's a sequel to go with it (named 'Zweiohrküken', also a sweet movie), but to my knowledge this one has only been released internationally as a subtitle-version.

6. Sex and the City Movie

By now you probably got that I like to get pretty girly around Christmas. So, the SATC movies are an absolute must! I actually prefer the first one since the story seems a little more original to me. In general, I just like the idea of sitting in the middle of all my gorgeous Xmas gifts (a girl can dream...) and getting lost in a wonderful glittery world full of nice shoes and stuff.

Hope you liked this post and enjoy watching!

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  1. The last kiss is such a good film! Have you seen click ?x hivennn

  2. For me, christmas is not complete without "love actually" such a sweet film x

  3. I watched love Actually for the 3rd time over last weekend. Such a great film, think i would like to start making it one of my Christmas traditions!


  4. i love to watch bridget jones dairy and love actually with christmas!

    Travel in Style

  5. Love Actually is the greatest movie, if ever seen :)


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