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November 15, 2011

Mixed Metals

I had originally planned to post yesterday's outfit today, but then it was one of those mornings... I was so tired when i got up (all thanks to an amazing book I couldn't stop reading till 2AM) and a look out the window revealed some icy frost on the roofs. When it's cold and you're tired, you want to wear something that resembles your blanket in any possible way. So I just threw on something comfortable and warm and fixed myself a black tea (which didn't help at all, for the record).

Enough of my stories. I'll give you an outfit later, for now I'm just showing you my latest manicure. Gold & Silver in a mix. How do you like it?


  1. perfect nails!so nice!

  2. Sieht toll aus!:)
    Wo gibt es solche metallic nagellacke?

  3. @Anonym: danke :) also die beiden, die ich jetzt trage (gold und silber) sind von IsaDora (bei Douglas). Findest du aber auch in der Drogerie, z.B. bei Catrice


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