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October 23, 2011

Movie review: Anonymous

I might or might not have mentioned before that, amongst other things, I do work as a journalist and mainly write film reviews. Some time ago, I went to the press screening of 'Anonymous' and the film totally amazed me. That's precisely the reason why I wanted to mention it here on my blog. It's not all about fashion, eh ;)

'Anonymous' is about one of those famous theories about Shakespeare (you know, Shakespeare didn't exist at all or he was a woman, etc.). Now, I won't let you know which theory this film is based on, because that's the whole excitement of it, but it's quite an unusual one.
I might need to tell you first that I am obsessed with anything Shakespeare and Elizabethan England related. As I majored in English in school and wrote my final exam about Shakespeare, I am also familiar with the matter, so let me tell you: this film is amazing!

I don't know much about directing, to be honest, but Roland Emmerich did a great job on this one (you can see a bit of it in the trailer). There are some amazingly well placed leaps in time, letting you guess on the outcome, but offering just a little sneek peak before heading back to the past. It is not confusing, leaving you guessing for hours like 'Inception' would, for instance. But it creates that mystery that is at the same time utterly beautiful and crucially dark. It draws a precise picture of our assumptions of Elizabethan times. But it doesn't play with clich├ęs. It leaves you thinking: 'this is how it really could have been'. And that's exactly what I look for in historic-themed movies.

My complete review will be up soon (in German), so let me just tell you: go watch the movie, it's totally worth it. And: If you like 'The Tudors' (which I do, of course!), you will love this one. Promise.

Will be in theatres soon!

PS: I do not get paid for this post. I just want to recommend a movie to my readers, because I enjoyed it a lot!

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  1. Tolle Review, die du da geschrieben hast. Ich warte schon ewig lange, dass der Film in die Kino's kommt. Der Trailer ist einfach epic!!


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