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October 10, 2011

F/W Trends: metallic nailpolish

IsaDora 651 'Silver Sparkles', 652 'Gold Sparkles'

Catrice 460 'In The Bronx', LE 'Out of Space', 490 'Iron Mermaiden', 430 'Purplelized'

I really want to enlarge the 'beauty section' over here a bit, so I'll present you my nailpolish trends for F/W '11. I believe metallics of all kinds will be hot this season. I'm sure you've seen the gold and/or silver trend around lots, and I also love bronze and those metallic greens, blues and lilacs you can see above. Anything that shimmers or glitters will do! I'm also into those nail stickers that are as shiny as a mirror or something, they come in gold and silver, but I couldn't get my hands on those (yet).

How do you feel about the trend?


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