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October 16, 2011

Cooking recipe: homemade pasta casserole

Today's post is gonna be a little different since I'll share my cooking recipe for homemade lasagna/pasta casserole with you guys.
As I still live with my parents, I don't usually get to cook myself. And if I do, I have to take account of two very, well, special kinds of tastes since both my siblings are kind of difficult with that most of the time (one being a vegetarian, the other doesn't like this and that). With food, they're like toddlers, except they're 15 and 17 years old. Oh, well. So yesterday, I was staying at my boyfriend's place and so had the rare opportunity to cook whatever I wanted (and, thankfully, my bf would really eat nearly everything). I made my favourite dish of the moment: my homemade pasta casserole. Here we go...

What you need:
-minced meat, penne pasta, gratin mozzarella cheese, peeled tomatoes, vinegar, onios, olive oil, spices (pepper, salt, basil...)

Step 1:
cut onions and vinegar and heat together in olive oil; simmer pasta in a seperate pot
Step 2:
add minced meat and let simmer until the meat is done
Step 3:
add tomatoes and spices, let simmer until the taste pleases you; preheat oven (150°C should be fine)
Step 4:
take a casserole dish, put a bit of olive oil in, then add layers of pasta and sauce
Step 5:
put as much cheese on top as you wish (me likes mucho!)
Step 6:
put the dish in the oven, just wait until the cheese has fully melted, and you're done!


  1. wow thzt looks deliscious !!!

    have you seen my new post ?

  2. Hej! Jag är med i en fototävling och undrar om du kan rösta på min bild som är nummer 4? Jag ber om ursäkt om du inte gillar såna meddelande! <3 http://elifoto.blogg.se/2011/october/fototavling-rosta.html

  3. i don't speak any swedish... :/

  4. Oh my...das sieht soooo lecker aus!Will auch!

  5. Ooh this sounds yummy and so easy even a terrible cook like me could do it!


    p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. mmmm! this looks so yummy!

    i've never made this! but i'll try!!

    thank you for this post!


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