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September 20, 2011

Zalando Fashion-Flatrate

Zalando Fashion Flatrate

German online fashion+shoe store zalando has launched another major giveaway. The task is simple: create an outfit with items from their store. And you can possibly win a fashion flatrate (a huuuge gift card for a whole year, that is). You can see my entry above. I would definitely wear that outfit.

As it might appear to you through my outfits I dig blazers. And this one is so elegant but the black collar really gives it that twist.
As for the leather pants: need I say anything? They're just 'wow'. I have a thing for little black bags and the watch brings some extra elegance to the outfit.
Those shoes really are what the doctor ordered. Chelsea boots are it this fall and combined with a wedge-heel, they just look really cool.
On to the nailpolish: gold/metallic nailpolish will be hot during the cold season!
What's not to love?

Hope I win... Pretty please?!


  1. Woooah, ich glaub die Aktion schau ich mir mal an. Auch wenn die Wahrscheinlihkeit zu gewinnen sooooo klein ist. Und meine Outfits sowieso niiie so pralle sind. Dein zusammengestelltes ist aber echt toll! *__*
    Naja, wünsch dir viel Glück! :)

  2. Nice blog!
    check mine,if you like we can follow each other:)
    there's also a giveaway!


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