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September 22, 2011


h&m cardigan // levi's shorts

It feels like ages since I last posted an outfit. But since my camera is back, I'm trying hard to change that habit. I love being able to look back at outfits I once wore through the blog. So I'm planning to create more outfit posts in the future. Keeping my fingers crossed it works out ;) I'm getting really tired of my usual "photo room" (aka. the hallway next to my room..it's really narrow, so I have to stand so close to the camera), but my place doesn't really have any white walls.

Anyways, I love these shorts. Bought them in L.A. at a Levi's outlet. They're actually cut from original 501's and they make me feel like I finally found the perfect pair. How do you like them?


  1. cool! ich mags wenn die hosentaschen drunter rausgucken!
    uuuuund O.O ... der Cardigan :O super süß..bestimmt alt wa :'((

  2. jaaa..der is ausm letzten jahr :/


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