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September 12, 2011

L.A./Universal Studios

Once in L.A., we had to visit Universal Studios. First of all, it gives very nice insight into the world of film-making. We even had a look at the actual set of the Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives (but my photos from there look like crap, sorry). The broken airplane you see in the second picture was actually designed for shooting War of the Worlds (and it also served as the scenery for Nicki Minaj & Rihanna's video for 'fly'). So cool!

They also have some rides there, like the Simpsons Ride, which is INSANE! If you're planning on going there, don't read this (spoiler alert)... You think you're going to a roller coaster of something but actually, you just sit there and the whole roller coaster is just happening on a wide screen in front of you. But, man, it feels so real! I felt damn sick after the ride... I'm not really a roller coaster kind of girl. And by 'not really' I mean not at all. Those things look like torture gadgets to me. Still, my friend dragged me along and made me go on that other ride which was soo fast and I was soo scared and I screamed so much, I lost my voice after that one.

So, if you're going to California or L.A. you definitely have to go and visit Universal Studios.


  1. LA is so impressive. i lived there for a few month and i still cant get over it!

  2. wow, gorgeous pics! I've never been to LA, but I have to asap!

  3. die fotos sehen wunderbar aus!

  4. love the telephone booth shot- you're so cute!


  5. That looks amazing ! Was there years ago <3
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