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July 31, 2011


h&m shirt, jacket // zara pants // diy feather earrings // casio mini watch

That's what I wore to a little house party last night. All black... I was uninspired after 9 hours of work. I did wear my own DIY feather earrings for the first time, though. Love them! I created almost a whole collection of earrings already. I'll surely show them to you soon!

Anyways. I had such a great Sunday! The bf and I decided that this Sunday would be 'couples day', so I sneaked out of bed early and created a festive breakfast (which turned into a brunch since we ate at noon...). We spent the afternoon at a spa which was just so relaxing! The hot springs were full of young families with their little babies. I bet we spent a good two hours just watching the little ones play in the water. God, were they cute! Haha. And no, we did not decide to have our own babies now ;)
Hope you all had a nice day, too!

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  1. schönes outfit, siesht toll aus und dein blog ist hamma!

    schau doch mal vorbei


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