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July 14, 2011


h&m blazer // gina tricot tee // diy necklace // pimkie pants

Do you know the feeling when the one thing you really have to do is the one and only thing you really can't do?
That's how I feel at the moment. Almost every day. Exams are coming up (next week!) and I just can't get myself to study. I mean, I do spend hours and hours in the library studying. But all that stuff doesn't really seem to reach my brain. Does anyone know what I mean?
That really frustrates me. I guess I'll fail at all the tests... Oh, boy.


  1. Woah die Kette ist toll. Ja, ich kann dich verstehen .. viel Glück bei deinen Examen!

  2. i like this outfit a lot. and yes, we all had to go thru study ;)

  3. I just love the combination of grey and red! It's like something very casual and glam are combined together, which is always a nice look!

    Hope all of your exams went well!


  4. Wow this is so effortlessly cool! Love your hair too =)

    And yes, I can totally sympathize with your position because I have always been in that position as well. I find that I am really able to absorb what I am studying only when it's a day or two before the actual exam. I know this is incredibly bad but I think I am getting better. Try this - "fool" yourself into studying by saying to yourself that you are going to study for just 5 minutes today. You will find that once the 5 minutes are up, you will be so into your work, that you will never want to stop!

    I always say that the only real problem I have in my life is with myself and the way I am currently wired lol.


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