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July 26, 2011

I see you

I have freckles under my eyebrows - how weird is that?
I though I'd show you my 'not so usual' eye make-up which basically consists of a brown eyeliner. I feel like it's a very good alternative to a black eyeliner, don't you?
My test felt surprisingly good today, hope I get a good grade... Anyways, I'll leave you with my eyes. Hope you don't feel like someone constantly stares at you ;)


  1. Whoa your eyelashes are awesome and your eyes are electric!

    I have freckles in the oddest places too. I have a few right in the middle of one cheek. I would have been slightly okay if there was an equal number mirrored in the other cheek as well but that is not the way it is unfortunately...but the best case scenario would be if they were positioned on the top most part of the cheek area and some along the nose as well!

  2. Cool post your eyes are amazing. I usually gravitate to black but brown can look a lot nicer for a day look or a fair toned person.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  3. Love your eyes :) Nice pics.


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