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July 7, 2011

DIY: leopard cross tee

Here's what you need:
-plain tee in preferred colour
-some leopard-patterned fabric (20x40cm should be enough)
-pen, paper, scissors (for both paper and fabric), pins, needle + thread

How to do it:
1. draw a cross on a piece of paper, make sure it's the same size you want it to be on your t-shirt and also make sure it's symmetrical
2. cut out the cross (cut out a little more than your sketch suggests so your stitching will be neat) and use the pins to locate it on the t-shirt
3. start sewing the cross onto the t-shirt, make sure the open ends of the fabric don't show
...et voilĂ !

I guess I've told you before I'm not a great "do-it-yourself"-person nor do I sew that well (I guess I just wasn't born with that talent.boohoo). But since I've had so much of this lovely leopard fabric left, I wanted to try and make some DIY project out of it. I'm sure you all know this shirt from Urban Outfitters - it was obviously my inspiration for this DIY.
Hope it's useful to you!


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