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June 5, 2011

Gift Time

As promised, my birthday gifts. I hope you don't think I meant to brag. Think of it as some sort of a haul... ;) I didn't want any gifts, but I guess you all know it's useless to say so.

My crazy boyfriend gave me this nice Swarovski ensemble (and no, we're not engaged now with that ring). My mum picked out the sweet necklace you see in the first picture. It's so beautiful! Can't wait to wear it! And thanks to my friends and boyfriend (again, duh!) I finally got my hands on that gorgeous American Apparel carry-all pouch. It smells sooo good (of leather)!! They also got me a YSL lipstick (i'll keep the packaging, it's just so nice) and that shea butter set from The Body Shop. I love that scent!

I also got a suitcase, so now I'm really ready for L.A.!

So if any of my friends read this: Thank You! Again. ♥


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