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May 23, 2011

Austria Photodiary - Part 1

1. the beautiful view from the opposite hill
2. there was thunder over there (see the dark cloud?). it was so funny to see it slowly moving towards us
3. there were so many beautiful lakes, framed by mountains!
4. and i'm off to the spa! ;)
5. one day, we took a ride on this really nice vintage bus

Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday, I was just pretty tired/busy. Since I took so many pictures of the beautiful landscape on my trip, I decided to make two posts out of it.
We didn't exactly stay in the alps, but there were hills nonetheless (as you can see). Some even had snow on top - so beautiful! And it was so HOT most of the time, almost 30°. My arms are totally sunburnt now...
The trip was definitely relaxing, I just completely forgot my life at home, and full of good food :) Hope you all had a nice weekend, too!

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