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March 8, 2011

Primark madness, part 1: shoes/accessoires

Going to Primark is always a little event for me. Since it takes about 90 minutes to get there it always feels like a little one-day-getaway. Anyway, we had loads of fun!

this is me in the car, on our way back (tired but happy)

So now I'll show you what I brought home with me. In fear of a mass picture overload, I decided to split the post into two parts. Here are my shoes and accessoires (as the title says):

» red platform heels (they're more red in real life), €15 (i think)

» grey faux leather peep-toe booties (gorgeous!), €23

» shearling lace-up booties, €8 (can you believe it?)

» quilted chanel-look-a-like bag in red, €5

» same bag in black, €5

» faux leather studded clutch, €?

» statement necklace, €5

» peacock feather hair clip, €2 / chain belts in black and brown, €2 each

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