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February 23, 2011

Outfit/Going Out

I always show you outfits of what I wear in my everday life, so I thought it'd be fun if I showed you an outfit I wore for a night out. It's nothing too fancy since we were just gonna have drinks and hop into a random club...

H&M tee, leather skirt & clutch
Six necklace
Sorry for the stupid look on my face, I'm not always comfortable with being photographed :/

So I had a little wardrobe detox last night and here's the outcome:
(I intended to show you some photos but they turned out really ugly...)
-I don't need any more bags! Really! Pinky swear!
-what I do need are basic tops...unbelievable but very true
-there's almost no colour to be found in my closet: all is grey, military green, dark blue, black, nude... sad but true :/

Do you ever do things such as a wardrobe detox?

PS: I have no idea why blogger keeps minimizing the quality of my photos- or is that just me?


  1. I have the same clutch, and I love it!
    Lovely outfit :)

  2. love ur photos! very pretty!but may be you need a little color :)
    nice blog!i'm gonna visit again:)

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