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February 22, 2011

Just another reason for spring to finally begin

The cold is still raging outside, so what do you do? Yup, you take a look at the upcoming Spring/Summer collections... I came across two awfully cute bikinis at H&M. I think I'll order them online as I haven't seen them in stores yet.

How do you like these??
A good reason to start working out again, too. Truth is, I don't dare to go running now since it's so cold outside. I'm scared I might get sick. I really fancy those Nike Women running clothes, though...
Actually, I'm in the mood to tidy up/clean out my closet, start a little wardrobe detox. Strange, huh? I mean who feels like wanting to do that? I know I'll need to invest in basics as I barely have any of them, believe it or not...


  1. Love these volants bkinis...i`m still waiting for them to be delivered...

  2. bestellste mir den lachsfarbenen mit?


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