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February 24, 2011

DIY: leopard clutch

Soooo... As I said I'll be posting some DIYs now that I got some time off University. While I was sitting in class, this I idea came to my mind (no, I didn't really pay attention that day):

My goal was to create a clutch in the style of i.e. those from Asos, except without leather/ponyfur. I don't study design, so nevermind my little drawing ;)

I bought some fabric (and they luckily had a whole bunch of leopard fabrics to choose from) and just started sewing. I don't use a sewing machine since that fast little needle scares me to hell.
The clutch is meant to be clutched, literally. I just think the fabric looks pretty cool when it's a little slouchy (imagine your finger gets in between - ouch!).
So, here's the outcome:

How do you like it?
And BTW, do you guys have any requests or ideas for future DIYs? Would be appreciated ;)


  1. I love it!

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  2. Lovely outfit and blog !
    I love it!




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